Beyond Borders - From Vienna to Beirut

Beyond Borders - From Vienna to Beirut is my first
photobook, freshly released and published by
White Press in collaboration with, Cologne.
For more information on the series please click here

White Press is an independent editing project designing
and producing innovative photobooks in limited editions
using high quality book on demand technologies.
After books from Thekla Ehling, Ken Schles, Verena
Loewenhaupt, Jochen Manz and Olivier Cablat - mine is

#6 in this ambitious series. My book, designed together
with Helge Schlaghecke, is a handmade leporello with
32 pictures, about 11 meters long, folded together.
It comes in an edition of 150, each signed and numbered.
Frederic Lezmi,  Beyond Borders

HC, 23 x 16,5 cm., 68 pp.,
White Press / 2009   


88 €



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