10/2009 - Group Exhibition - Galerie Mikro, Düsseldorf

Georg Parthen, initiator of Düsseldorf's cosiest and smallest exhibition space is curating his first and last group show at Galerie Mikro. The theme is "Viel" - means "A Lot".  For sure there will be a lot of artists:

Agata Madejska, Anne Lass, Sophia Simons, David Ertl, Ute Klein, Ralf Grossek, Patrick Presch, Peter Wildanger, Ute Klein, Frederic Lezmi, Almut von Pusch, Bernd Kleinheisterkamp, Nicolas Wollnik, Sabrina Jung, Rivkah Young , Patricia Neligan, Colin Penno, Joachim Weischer...

All of them have had a solo show in the gallery since its opening in early 2006. Georg will open a new fancy art space in Berlin soon and Galerie Mikro will run under a new management as of next year.

Opening: Thursday, 22.10.2009 19h

23.10.- 25.11.2009   open/visible: 24h

Galerie Mikro
Herzogstraße 61 / Ecke Corneliusstraße
40215 Düsseldorf


Photo: Frederic Lezmi, Rivkah Young
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