06/2009 - BFF-Promotion Award and Reinhard Wolf Prize 2009


My series From Vienna to Beirut has won this years BFF Promotion Award and Rheinhard Wolf Prize for best final degree work in photography.


There will be a big award ceremony and an exhibition on the occasion of the 40th annual BFF conference at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart on Saturday 13.06.2009.


Lectures and presentations ( by Erwin Olaf, Nadav Kander, Paolo Pellegrin and others) start as of 13:30h

The various exhibitions will be opened as of 20h


Haus der Wirtschaft

Willi Bleicher Str. 19, Stuttgart



The exhibitions will be running until 18.07.2009



The BFF is the German Association of Freelance Photographers.

For more information visit:






Each year the BFF Promotion Award is given to 5 young photographers. Have a look at the other 4 winners







<  Anja Schori, "Box" 













 < Daniela Droz, "Pain makes you beautiful"















< Jörg Brüggemann, "Same same but different" 





























< Maria Trofimova, "Byzantine"

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