04/2011 - Group Exhibition - Street Photography Now - Stuttgart

The Street Photography Now exhibition which was shown in a
shopwindow exhibition in Paris and at Gallery Lichtblick in Cologne
now moved to Stuttgart. It will be presented at Ute Noll's UNO Art Space.

With pictures by
Narelle Autio / Maciej Dakowicz / George Georgiou / Bruce Gilden
Andrew Glickman / Siegfried Hansen / Markus Hartel / Nils Jorgensen
Martin Kollar / Jens Olof Lasthein / Frederic Lezmi / Jesse Marlow
Jeff Mermelstein / Mimi Mollica / Trent Parke / Gus Powell / Otto Snoek
Matt Stuart / Ying Tang / Nick Turpin / Alex Webb / Michael Wolf/
Wolfgang Zurborn

The opening is on the 2nd of April as of 19 h
Nathalie Belayche, the curator of the show
will be present at the opening

Street Photography now

02.04.2011 - 25.06.2011
open Tuesday from 17-19h
and any time by appointment

Uno Art Space
Liststrasse  27
D-70180 Stuttgart

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