01/2011 - Workshop - Lichtblick School, Cologne


After my first workshop last year was fully booked,

Lichtblick School has scheduled two new workshops.
I will be giving two technical courses on "digital darkroom"
techniques. On two weekends in January and February the
different steps in the digital workflow from pixel to image will
be extensively explained. The first weekend will focus an
general information, importing, editing and developing your
pictures. The second weekend will be focused on Photoshop,
using layers and masks to work on your pictures.

The workshop will be held in German language, international
courses will come soon. For more information on my workshop
click here.

With seminars, workshops, portfolio reviews and guest lectures
Lichtblick School is addressing amateurs and professionals as well.
Apart of Wolfgang and Tina, Barbara Burg, Markus Schaden and me
will be giving regular courses and workshops.



Digital Darkroom #1
29./30. January 2011


Digital Darkroom #2
26./27. February 2011,



Lichtblick School
Steinbergerstr. 21
50733 Köln


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