12/2010 - Group Exhibition - Street Photography Now - Cologne


Street Photography Now at Galerie Lichtblick.

Curated in cooperation with Nathalie Belayche / Food for your Eyes

After the successful shop window exhibition in the Canal St Martin area
in Paris, the show with photographs from Street Photography Now will

be shown in Cologne.

With Narelle Autio / Maciej Dakowicz / George Georgiou / Bruce Gilden

Andrew Glickman / Siegfried Hansen / Markus Hartel / Nils Jorgensen

Martin Kollar / Jens Olof Lasthein / Frederic Lezmi / Jesse Marlow

Jeff Mermelstein / Mimi Mollica / Trent Parke / Gus Powell / Otto Snoek

Matt Stuart / Ying Tang / Nick Turpin / Alex Webb / Michael Wolf

Wolfgang Zurborn

There will also be the legendary Lichtblick pre-X-mas party, so be

sure to pass by if you are in Cologne.








18.12.2010 - 30.01.2011

Opening and pre-X-mas Party
18.12.2010  20h


Fr 19-21 h

Sat+Sun 14-18 h


from 24th of Dezember 2010 to 2nd of January 2011

only by appointment: 0049 221 79149 or lichtblick@web.de




for more information:





Nils Jorgensen

Trent Parke

Narelle Autio

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