11/2010 - Group Exhibition - Street Photography Now, Paris

Street Photography in the streets of Paris
curated by Nathalie Belayche
In street windows of 14 locations around the Canal St. Martin area

17 prints from the book Street Photography Now will be presented.
The exhibition tour starts and ends at Artazart book shop. The picture
from my series Beyond Borders can be seen at Coiffeur R'Végétal,
36 Rue Beaurepaire at the corner of Rue Jean Poulmarch.
Make sure to pass by if you are in Paris.
With pictures by Jeff Mermelstein, Nick Turpin, Frederic Lezmi,

Maciej Dakowicz, Trent Parke, Bruce Gilden, Ales Webb, Martin Kollar,

Jesse Marlow, Narelle Autio, Wolfgang Zurborn, Otto Snoek, Gus

Powell, Jens Olof Lastheim, Markus Hartel, Thierry Girard, Matt Stuart.
November 5th - 28th, 2010, daily 24 hours
Opening and book launch of the French edition
November 4th, 2010, 6.30 p.m.

Artazart book shop
83, Quai de Valmy
75010 Paris
+33 (0)1 40 40 24 00
Find more information here and a Map of the exhibition tour here
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